Marcelle Hutchins



Marcelle Hutchins

I received my Master's degree in Journalism from Emerson College in May 2015.

I was named one of the four recipients of PRI's Global Nation Exchange Leadership Digital Fellow for 2017-2018. Currently, I work as an associate producer at NPR's Here & Now.



Shina Novalinga Uses Social Media To Preserve, Celebrate Inuit Throat Singing

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Ancestry offers a missing link for Black families

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Emmanuel Acho Lets White People Ask About Race In 'Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man'

Former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho gives White people a nonjudgmental space to ask questions about race.
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'An Extraordinary Moment': Angela Davis Says Protests Recognize Long Overdue Anti-Racist Work

Interview with Black revolutionary and civil rights activist Angela Davis.
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NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on his continued legacy of social activism.
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Sold In America: The Human Cost Of Fashion

Here & Now's Tonya Mosley speaks with Maxine Bédat (@maxinebedat), director of the New Standard Institute.
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Vietnam Vet Ervin L "Tootsie" Russell

I received an Emmy nomination for the documentary, "Vietnam Vet Ervin L "Tootsie" Russell."

This Boston Fashion Designer Is Championing The Environment Through Her Work

My interview with 'Project Runway' contestant & fashion designer Nathalia JMag about her brand.
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WBUR 'Diversity on the Runway' fashion show

I curated WBUR's first fashion show with designers of color in Boston.

Rosie Perez On The Legacy Of 'In Living Color'

Host Robin Young speaks with actress Rosie Perez about how "In Living Color" broke cultural barriers.
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Thousands Of African-Americans Are Leaving Chicago Each Year. Why?

Many black residents are moving away from Chicago every year in what some have called a "reverse Great Migration."
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The kid with the stinky lunch

The story of how I learned to love my mother's African food.
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Marcelle Hutchins

Moving to Los Angeles has been my dream for years, and I'm thrilled to immerse myself into the diverse culture and to learn what it means to be a Californian.

I’m an Emmy-nominated journalist with experience in television and radio production. My work has been featured in NPR’s Here & Now, The Huffington Post, Public Radio International and The Boston Globe.

I spent the first 8 years of my life in Cameroon before migrating to the US with my family in 1997. I was raised to be curious; to make my own adventures and to learn new things.



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